meet the puppets

Marguerite Dantes

The ultimate Diva. She sings opera. She lowers herself to be with others. She is CONFIDENT that she is the greatest...because she is.


She BELIEVES she was born on the streets of london (she wasn't). She embraces her name as if it gives her the title she deserves. she is the most inappropriate of all the puppets and she loves this about herself.

Fanny Girl

A geek by nature. This little darlin' will be glad to talk about anything related to pop culture. She is PARTICULARLY excited by star wars and wonder woman. Pure of heart, this little gal BELIEVES the best in all things and just wants to have fun.


This one resides between this world and the next. She's not high, but she could be. You can often find her reading tarot cards, singing to in the most sultry way possible, and giving grace to those who don't deserve it.

Donna Pastries

She will tell you to lose weight while stuffing cannolis in your mouth. She loves you dearly, but will tell you that because of you she suffers greatly. She is the self-proclaimed mom to everyone.


traumatized. she has endured more than any puppet should have to deal with. Active in therapy, but also a hot mess. her skewed vision of the world allows her to connect in strange and unusual ways.


The ultimate Dream Boy. He is boyfriend to many but claims his heart cannot be held down but Kourtess-Ann knows better. They often have a thing. he rarely talks, which makes him more INCITING.

Sailor (the Swearing dog)

If the other puppets can't say it, this one will. All he does is swear. It sounds a lot like barking, but we all know the truth.


the manager to all the SHENANIGANS. All business, she will put anyone in their place when needed. That said, she does appreciate artistic expression. Highly critical, but also the perfect puppet for the job.

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